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The Overview page under Website Analysis provides a quick look into the traffic of any website (or number of websites), including the number of visits and engagement, country distribution, traffic channels and more.

Why use the Website Overview?

  • Quickly gauge the size and reach of a brand
  • Discover a brand’s main target markets
  • Gain insight into a brand’s marketing strategy
  • Instantly benchmark yourself against the competition

Step 1 - Build your analysis

  • Navigate to Website Analysis from the main Menu Bar or your Home Page
  • Type the domain you would like to analyze into the Search Bar
  • Click the Compare button to add up to 4 competitor sites in the Add / Remove Competitors Box
  • The default view is the Overview section, if not click on Overview on the left.
  • Enter your chosen time frame, country filter and device view at the top of the page


Step 2 - Benchmark the competition

  • Analyze the SimilarWeb Rankings to see how each website stacks up against one another on a global, local or category level
  • Review Total Visits to determine the market share and the potential market reach of your competition
  • Click on % or # to view traffic in percentage share of all visits or absolute numbers
  • Look at Traffic Share to compare the traffic breakdown per device for each competitor


Step 3 - Understand the quality and relevancy of visitors to a site

  • Benchmark the quality and relevancy of visitors to each competitor by evaluating their Engagement Metrics (Visit Duration, Pages/Visit and Bounce Rate)
  • Determine if the market is growing and spot trends by looking at the Visits Over Time


Step 4 - Discover the global presence of your market

  • Quickly determine which markets your competitors are targeting by looking at the top 5 countries they are gaining traffic from under Geography
  • See who is dominating each market by analyzing the Group Traffic Share Split


Step 5 - Gain an overview of a brand’s marketing strategy over time

  • Analyze Channels Overview to discover the leading channels generating traffic for each site
  • Gain a quick overview into the leading channels generating traffic for each domain
    • Discover the top affiliates for the market with Top Referring Websites
    • Reveal the top organic and paid search terms driving traffic to the market under Search
    • Determine the leading social channels sending traffic to your competitors with Social
    • Uncover the top publisher websites and leading ad networks sending traffic by looking at Display Advertising


Step 6 - Discover how a brand is monetizing its website

  • Look at Top Ads Destination to discover the leading advertisers gaining traffic from a website
  • Analyze the Total Group Traffic Share Split to reveal who is benefiting the most from each partnership


You should now be ready to gain a quick overview of your competitor’s digital landscape. Open SimilarWeb PRO to reveal how you stack up against your competition!

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