Affiliate Manager I Qualify & Monitor Affiliate Partnerships

Learn how to easily qualify and monitor your affiliate partners over time with this quick guide for affiliate managers.

Step 1 - Analyze your affiliate partners

  • Navigate to Website Analysis from your SimilarWeb PRO homepage
  • Type the affiliate’s domain in the Search Bar
  • Select your relevant Country Filter


Step 2 - Understand key digital performance metrics

  • Scroll down the Website Overview page to Website Audience
  • Check Total Visits to understand the audience reach of an affiliate
  • Review Engagement Metrics - Bounce Rate, Avg Visit Duration, and Pages/Visit to determine the quality and relevancy of visitors generated by the affiliate

PRO Tip: Check for low bounce rate, high pages/visit & avg visit duration

Step 3 -  Find out where an affiliate’s audience comes from

  • Scroll down the Website Overview page to Geography
  • Qualify that an affiliate is generating traffic from the markets most relevant to you by analyzing leading countries by Traffic Share
  • Click on See more countries to view the complete list of countries that send traffic to the affiliate site

PRO Tip: Leverage these key market intelligence insights when negotiating your CPA offering

Step 4 - Uncover traffic acquisition strategies of an affiliate

  • Scroll down the Website Overview page to Marketing Mix
  • Analyze which channel an affiliate relies on most for traffic to gauge the type of users they will generate to your site

PRO Tip: High share of Direct or Organic Search traffic is a good sign of stable traffic influx


Step 5 - Qualify that an affiliate is working with relevant advertisers

  • Scroll down the Website Overview page to Outgoing Links
  • View leading advertisers and partners working with a given site by Traffic Share
  • Click on See more outgoing links to view the complete list


Open SimilarWeb PRO and start finding new media partners on your own!

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