Media Buyers I Discover New Media Partners

The following guide will help you to easily access lists of potential publishers and ad networks.

If you’re a media buyer, publisher development manager or a marketer working in partner and blogger relations, the following guide will help you expand your reach by finding new media partners in 3 quick ways:

1. Partner with the best performing media partners in your industry

Here's how: Navigate to Industry Analysis > Traffic Sources from the main menu or homepage 
and select your category from the All Categories menu.  Then scroll down to the traffic sources table and filter your list by "Referralin the All Sources bar.


2. Identify the referral partners that send traffic to your competitors 

Here's How: Enter the domain or competitor you want to analyze and navigate to Website Analysis > Traffic Sources > Referrals from the main menu or homepage.

PROTip: Learn how relevant a potential partner is at a glance - view Domain id card, Traffic Share, and Change columns.


3. Locate the publishers and ad networks your competitors rely on 

Here's How: Navigate to Traffic Sources > Display Advertising from the main menu or homepage and enter the domain for a competitor you want to analyze. Select the Publishers and Ad networks tabs to reveal new opportunities for media partners.


Open SimilarWeb PRO and start finding new media partners on your own!



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