3 Steps to Tracking Your Market Share with a Custom Category


SimilarWeb PRO Custom Categories enables you to create your own, fully-customizable categories within the Industry Analysis module. Custom Categories are composed entirely of the sites or brands you choose, so you can track and analyze the markets that are most relevant to you and your business.

Why create a Custom Category?

Create your own industry category so that you can:

  • Track how you compare against your unique ecosystem
  • Discover how the most successful players are driving traffic
  • Group different web properties belonging to a specific brand (e.g., ebay.com, ebay.in, etc.)
  • Track the performance of your suppliers, customers or affiliates

What can I see within a Custom Category?

With Custom Categories, just like with the 250+ existing categories already available in the Industry Analysis module, you can see:

  • The top websites in your market to understand who you''re up against in order to gain market share
  • The leading brands in your industry receiving traffic from each traffic source
  • Market share over time to track which sites are gaining/losing share and spot trends and seasonality
  • The leading channels generating traffic in your market
  • The leading keywords generating traffic to your industry

How do I create a Custom Category?

  1. Navigate to Industry Analysis and click on + New Category
  2. Name your category, enter or paste up to 100 domains and hit save
  3. You will now find your custom category listed under the categories tab in Industry Analysis


PRO Tip: From within Website Analysis > Audience Interests you can select the domains that you want to add to a Custom Category. Mark the boxes next to the domain name you want, and click on Add To.


Now that you have learned how easy it is to create a Custom Category, open SimilarWeb PRO and start customizing your own!

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