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Understanding the traffic performance of your website and the websites in your competitive set across a variety of marketing channels is essential to building a winning marketing strategy.

Similarweb's fresh and reliable metrics cover a span of marketing channels and reveal the quantity and quality of traffic sent to a site(s) from a variety of sources.

What is the value?

The Marketing Channels overview page is packed full of valuable metrics and insights for each of the marketing channels. See what channels you are winning and where you may have opportunities to grow your traffic share, evaluate engagement and quality of traffic, and look for trends over time.

Using the insights:

  • Evaluate your website's performance with traffic volume and engagement metrics, such as visits, bounce rates, conversion rates, and more.

  • Get an overview of brand awareness by looking at direct and organic traffic sources and volumes.

  • Plan and prioritize marketing resources by analyzing the leading channels generating traffic for competitors and industry leaders.

  • View geographical market shares by setting the filters to narrow down to desired markets.

  • Evaluate PPC effectiveness by measuring CPC, CTR, quality scores, etc.

How to use Marketing Channels

To view the traffic performance of up to 5 websites, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Website Analysis module. Enter a website and navigate to the Marketing Channels page.

  2. To target your analysis,

    • Click +Compare to add up to four additional sites.

    • Use the filters in the upper right to set the time period, country, and type of traffic (desktop, mobile web, or all traffic) that you would like to analyze.

For a deeper dive into each channel, click the link to each channel in the overview graph.

Traffic/Device Source

By default, you will be shown the ‘All Traffic’ view which is both Desktop and Mobile traffic combined - giving you an aggregated view of all traffic across marketing channels. 


You can drill down into just Desktop traffic or just Mobile traffic to understand which marketing channels are more prominent in driving traffic for the selected domains. Just select from the device filter dropdown.

Marketing Channels Overview

For more information about each traffic channel, visit Marketing Channels.

Channel Traffic and Engagements Insights

Traffic Sources Insights


Feature Location

Try it now! Website Analysis > Enter a website and go to Marketing Channels.

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