5 Steps to Track Changes in Your Market with Custom Dashboards

SimilarWeb PRO Custom Dashboards offer a quick and comprehensive overview of all the important changes across your chosen websites, mobile apps, industries, and keywords.

Why create a Custom Dashboard?

Gain easy access to the competitive market intelligence data that is most important to you:  

  • Quickly explore changes in visits and engagement metrics for sites and apps you constantly track
  • Mix data from different devices (mobile apps vs web) and/or different countries in one simple view to get a better understanding of your business
  • Build different dashboards for all your business needs, with a simple drag & drop capability
  • Present the data in the way that suits your needs (pie, tables, single metric, graph)
  • Share your dashboards with your colleagues with an easy PDF download   

How do I create a Custom Dashboard?

1. Navigate to Custom Dashboards from the Track Homepage or the Track drop-down menu 


2. Click + Add Dashboard to create a dashboard and track key performance metrics:


3. Select the relevant template based on your business needs, or ‘Create from Scratch’:


4. Select your main website, up to 4 competitors and relevant country


5. Click 'Create dashboard'


Now you can customize your dashboard by adding other metrics. Save time by duplicating your existing metric.

You can also download your dashboard into a PDF so that you can easily share your analysis with your team and integrate digital market intelligence insights into your workflow.


Dashboards Templates available:

  • Competitive Overview - Benchmark yourself against the competition: A high-level overview of your competitive landscape. Benchmark yourself against up to 4 competitors to analyze your performance in context
  • Daily Competitive Analysis - Monitor your performance against the competition, over the last 28 daysAn overview of your competitive landscape in the last 28 days, ideal to check with your morning coffee. Monitor for spikes in competitor traffic and spot changes in engagement behavior.
  • Market Analysis - Monitor your position in your market and identify the market leadersAnalyze your custom category or one of SimilarWeb's 250 pre-defined categories, and easily identify changes in your market. Analyze market size & growth, identify market leaders & trends, understand leaders by traffic source and discover up-and-coming players.
  • Website Audience Analysis - Benchmark your audience against your competitors' to increase reach and optimize messaging: A high level overview of your competitors' audience, including demographics, geolocation, engagement metrics and desktop-mobile traffic share
  • SEO Performance - Increase organic website traffic with the right SEO strategies: Visibility into your SEO competitive landscape. Benchmark & monitor your SEO performance, reveal the trending organic keywords and analyze your SEO battleground.
  • Social Media Monitoring - Grow your traffic from social media by discovering new opportunities: Insights into social media traffic trends, key social platforms used by competitors and the social competitor battleground.
  • Paid Search Performance - Increase the ROI on your marketing spend by optimizing your Paid Search strategies: Visibility into your paid search competitive landscape. Benchmark & monitor your paid search performance, reveal the trending paid keywords and analyze your PPC battleground.
  • Affiliate Marketing Optimization - Grow your traffic from affiliates by tracking competitors' referral trafficGrow your traffic from affiliates by tracking your competitors referring domains, identifying potential partners and analyzing the battleground of referrals. 
  • Brand Protection - Prevent competitors getting traffic from your branded keywords - Use your branded keyword group to gain visibility into your brand's performance, and reveal which competitors are bidding on and getting traffic from your brand.

Now that you have learned how easy it is to create a Custom Dashboard, open SimilarWeb PRO and start customizing your own!

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