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SimilarWeb Pro Popular Pages will enable you to see which pages and folders of a site are most visited.

Use this information to understand which products, categories, content and landing pages are the most visited by web users.


Why use Popular Pages?

  • Discover a site’s audience interest and demand
  • Identify a site’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Reveal which products and/or categories the site is promoting right now
  • Discover which channels send traffic to the promoted web page


Getting started

Get started by typing the domain address in the SimilarWeb Pro search bar. Navigate to Website Content > Popular Pages. Set your timeframe and country filter.  



What do we see?

Now we see a list of the top 1,000 most viewed pages of the analyzed site. Under the URL column, you can view a list of the site’s URLs. The Share column shows you the share of traffic for each URL. The share is calculated based on the top pages that received the most page views within your selected time frame.

We can immediately see that for warbyparker.com, men’s eyeglasses were more popular than women’s in March 2017 in the US. We can also see that sunglasses for men is ranked at #5, so when we combine these two categories we can clearly see that warbyparker.com attracts more male audiences than female.


By clicking on the + icon we can zoom in and see which specific frames are in the highest demand for men. Click on the arrow to go to the webpage - it's evident that wide and rectangle shaped frames are the most popular types of men’s glasses.


To make things interesting, let's add a competitor’s site to understand which glasses are in high demand. Click on the Compare button and add another site to compare (for this example we will use glassesusa.com). Filter the Popular Pages by the competitor site name.


 Glassesusa.com is another big player in the eyewear e-tail industry. Here we also see that men’s glasses were more popular than women’s in the US market. This suggests that men’s glasses were in higher demand not only for warbyparker.com but perhaps across the industry. This is an invaluable insight when analyzing market demand.


The fuel behind the most popular pages

Our next step will be to identify how these sites attract audiences to specific pages. This trick can be extremely useful if you’re trying to find valuable marketing channels.

Go to the mini search bar and type "UTM".


*A UTM code is a simple code that you can attach to a custom URL in order to track a source, medium, and campaign name. This will enable you to see what campaign directed users to a specific web page.

At first glance, we learn that glassesusa.com is promoting a blog post: “7 Reasons to buy glasses online”. This post accounted for 1.23% of all the Popular Pages traffic to the site, in March 2017.



How did they promote this page?

By looking at the UTM tags, we can see that most of the traffic came from content discovery platforms: Gemini (Yahoo native advertising), Taboola, and some from Facebook sponsored posts.

We can reveal which were the most successful campaigns by analyzing the traffic share for each source. In this case, Gemini and Taboola generated more traffic than Facebook.



Identify patterns and trends by a site’s most viewed pages

SimilarWeb Pro offers more than just a snapshot of the site’s most viewed pages. If you wish to discover patterns and trends in a site’s Popular Pages, simply customize the timeframe, the geography and the device to your analysis.

When selecting Mobile Web we can immediately spot differences in warbyparker.com’s most viewed pages. Earlier, we identified that men’s glasses were more popular than women’s when looking at desktop traffic, however, when analyzing Mobile Web traffic, we see that women’s eyeglasses are more popular.



Now that you've read this far, you deserve a Pro Tip!

Click on the Excel button to easily export this data to excel and further customize your analysis. If you’re an Excel wizard, we recommend going to the “monthly tab” and create a pivot table in order to spot MoM changes.


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