How to Connect A Google Play Account

Connect Google Play Account Promotion

How do you benchmark your app’s performance today? It’s essential to know how users engage with your competitors. Now you can! Get these stats for the apps in your market:

  • Daily Downloads
  • Daily Active Users
  • Current Installs
  • Retention
  • Usage Patterns
  • Audience Interests
  • Demographics
  • And More 

Connect your Google Play account today and gain free access to some of the most valuable insights you need to succeed in today’s super competitive App market. These insights are usually only available with our App Engagement package.

Furthermore, by connecting your Play account you help us, help you. We use the anonymized data to improve our estimation algorithms to provide you with the most accurate market data possible.

What you need to know:

  1. You will have access to the insights as long as your Play account is connected to SimilarWeb
  2. You will have insights for up to 5 apps of your choice (one of which must be yours).
  3. You can disconnect at any time
  4. We do not share your data with anyone (only you will be able to view your own data)

Below is a tutorial on how to get started.

If you have additional questions, please review our FAQ section or contact us at


  1. There are two places from where you can connect your account: any of the pages in the App Engagement or App Audience sections and the banner at the bottom-left of the screen when you are in any of the platform’s other App pages:

App Analysis > App Engagement > Overview 

App Analysis > App Overview > App Ranking

If you click on the banner, a pop-up will appear.  

Connect to Google Play Google Play Banner

To keep the tutorial short, we will continue describing the flow using the first method (through the App Engagement Overview page), but both methods are identical.

  1. Enter your Google user account credentials.
    • Note that you should enter your Google user account that is connected to your Google Play account (which may be different from your standard email account).
  1. You may be asked a Google “Challenge Question” to verify that it is indeed you connecting to the account (since you never previously connected through SimilarWeb).
  1. If you have two-step verification enabled for your Google user account, please complete the verification process.

2-step Verification Request

  1. At this point, we will fetch the data from the apps connected to your Google Play account and now it is time to configure what apps you would like to compare.
    • If you have multiple apps connected, select the one you would like to analyze. If you have only one connected, it will automatically be selected

Configure the apps to compare

  1. Now select up to four other apps you’d like to compare.

Selected Apps to compare 

  1. That’s it! You’ll be taken to the App Engagement Overview page with the relevant app data displayed.
    • During the time that SimilarWeb is fetching your data from Google, you will see your estimated data and a message indicating so at the top of the platform.
    • Once your data has been collected, all available verified data will be displayed with a “Verified” icon near the data point. This verified data is only visible to you, others will continue to see your estimated data. 

App Analysis > App Engagement > Overview - Verified Data 


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