App Analysis

  1. Why should I connect my Google Play account?
    • If you do not have the App Engagement package, the most immediate benefit of connecting your Play account is that you’ll gain access to numerous stats for the apps in your market, including Daily Downloads, Daily Active Users, Current Installs, Retention, Usage Patterns, Audience Interests, Demographics. The page provides some of the most valuable insights you need to succeed in the super-competitive Google Play App market, including Reach, Downloads and Daily Active Users (DAU). By connecting your Google Play Account, you’re helping us to help you. Your app data helps us improve our algorithms to provide you with the most reliable app data.
  2. 2-step Verification
    • Why am I requested to go through 2-step verification to connect my Google Play account?
        • If your Google user account has 2-step verification - also known as 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) - enabled, you’ll need to complete the verification process so that we can successfully connect to your Google Play account using your Google account.
    • Which 2-step verification does SimilarWeb support?
        • We currently support 6-digit code authentication (regardless of how you receive your code, e.g. SMS, phone call or Google Authenticator) and Google prompt.
    • Why am I asked a Login Challenge Question e.g. “What city do you usually login from?”
        • This question is sent by Google when, according to them, “... an unauthorized person is attempting to access a user's account.” In this case the ‘unauthorized person’ is SimilarWeb so it’s ok to answer the question (we do not store your answer anywhere, it goes straight back to Google to complete the authentication process).
  1. Potential issues faced when connecting a Google Play account:
    • I received a timeout pop-up during the 2-step verification process - what should I do?
        • We limit the time to get a response from you for security reasons. All you need to do is close the pop-up and start the connection process again.
    • I received an error message that ‘no apps were recognized in this Google Play account’ - why is this?
        • Only apps that are ranked in the Google Play store are recognized. If you accidentally connected the wrong Play account, please reach out to
        • Only apps that are in the Google Play store are displayed (e.g. APKs won’t be displayed)
  1. What data does SimilarWeb collect when I connect my Google Play account?
    • We collect two metrics from the connected Google Play Account: “Current installs by device” and “Daily installs by device.”
  1. Once I connect my Google Play account to SimilarWeb, what data of mine will I see?
    • Currently, you’ll see your data for “Total Downloads.” More data will be displayed in the near future.
  1. SimilarWeb has retrieved my apps’ data, yet I don’t always see my verified data. Why is this?
    • If part or all of your data was not successfully retrieved for the selected time frame, SimilarWeb’s estimated data will be displayed.
  1. If I connect my Google Play account will other users see my real data?
    • No, they will continue to see our estimation data. Only you will see your real data.
  1. If I connect my Google Play account, do you get data on all my apps?
    • Yes. Upon connecting your Google Play account we will retrieve data from all apps in this Google Play account. This way we can display verified data (only to you, not available to other users) for all your connected apps.
  1. If I disconnect my Google Play account from SimilarWeb, do you still have my data?
    • If you connect your Google Play account to SimilarWeb and then decide to disconnect it at a later stage, SimilarWeb will no longer be able to collect data from your App. In any case your connected app’s data can only be viewed privately by you and other SimilarWeb users continue to see estimations of your app’s data.
  1. Why do I see a limited number of apps when clicking on the compare button (top-right of screen) in Overview:
    • The user is limited to viewing only the apps selected to benchmark and compare when the user connected his Google Play account
  1. Why aren’t all my apps displayed in the app selection process?
    • Only those that are in the Google Play store are displayed (e.g. APKs won’t be displayed)
  1. Although my apps’ data has been retrieved, I still see data that is not verified?
    • Currently, your Total Downloads will be displayed. The rest of the data will be SimilarWeb's estimates.
  1. How long does it take to retrieve my apps’ data?
    • Loading your data can take up to 48 hours, although it will usually take less time.


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