Organic & Paid Competitors From Keyword Analysis

Location: Keyword Analysis > Organic Competitors/Paid Competitors

Description: Shows the competitive landscape for organic or paid keywords. Each analysis report shows the exact match for the chosen search term.

Overview Section:

  • Search Volume - The monthly average of searches performed for the keyword in Google over the last 12 months.
  • CPC - The estimated price that advertisers pay to buy the search word in Google Adwords in the selected country from the past 30 days.
  • Organic vs Paid - The share of paid and organic traffic generated by the selected keyword.
  • Traffic Share - A distribution of the traffic share for up to 10 chosen domains that are receiving traffic from the selected keyword, within the chosen timeframe.

Detailed Listings:  The table shows a list of the websites receiving traffic from the chosen keyword including:

  • Traffic share - The website’s share out of all traffic generated by the selected keyword.
  • Change - The change in traffic generated by the selected keyword from the previous month.
  • Pos. - The most recent position of the domain in organic Google results.
  • Destination URL - The traffic from the selected keyword is sent to this URL.
  • Website Categories - The category best describing the website.

The table can be refined by search engine and website category.


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