The traffic share of a website is the percentage of the traffic sent to a website, channel, or keyword relative to the total traffic.

traffic share example

How can traffic share be used?

Traffic share represents the amount of traffic a specific website, marketing channel, or keyword receives, out of the total traffic generated by a group of competitors, all marketing channels, or all keywords (respectively). Traffic can be measured in visits or unique visitors.

Traffic Share insights help you:

  • Evaluate your competitive landscape across analyzed websites and marketing channels

  • Understand the level of competitiveness and/or fragmentation across websites, devices, countries, keywords, traffic sources, and more

  • Uncover the share of voice for a specific metric

  • Set the geography filters to evaluate the share of traffic distribution in different regions


To calculate the traffic share of a website, marketing channel, or keyword, we use the following formulas:

  • Website: Analyze traffic to a specific website / Total traffic to the competitive set

  • Marketing Channel: Traffic generated by a specific marketing channel / Total traffic to the site

  • Keyword: Traffic generated by a specific keyword / Total search traffic to the site


Find the Traffic Share metric in the Market Research modules: Website Analysis module, and the Company Analysis module.

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