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Description:  App Demographics provides insights of users for the specified Android application, including age and gender breakdowns. Data is available in 28 countries.

Overview Section:  The following features are included in the App Demographics section:

  • Typical App User - The attributes of the app’s users: typical age group, gender and overlapping app usage (other apps in use by the user).
  • Gender Distribution - The gender distribution of the app’s users: Male or Female.
  • Age Distribution - The age distribution of the app’s users divided  into 5 age groups:  18-24, 25-34, 35-44-45-54, 55+.


Business Implications: Analyse any app to understand market trends with app demographics. Optimise user acquisition and brand awareness campaigns by knowing the app’s audience. Benchmark an app’s audience against competitor audiences.

Use Case Example: Uncover the key audience of dating apps, and how the digital marketing strategies differ between them:

There is a 70:30 ratio of males to females using the top dating apps, with the exception of Tinder which has a much more dominant male audience (see above). Tinder appears to also be targeting a younger audience of 18-24 year old's, while has the highest proportion of users in the 35-44 age group (see below):


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