Similarweb’s new homepage experience will guide you through the creation of tailored reports on your industry, competitors, keywords of interest and more.

What is the value of the new homepage experience?

The Similarweb platform is full of valuable metrics and insights to help you optimize your digital marketing strategy. The Similarweb homepage wizard guides you through a quick and easy setup process to start customizing your experience. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a brand new user, the helpful built-in wizards will help you get better acquainted with Similarweb. Have a new user on your Similarweb account? The homepage experience is the perfect place to get them up and running with the Similarweb platform. 

Choose the entities you want to analyze and track: specific websites, competitors, marketing channels or keywords….and then watch the insights roll on in. You can also return to any recently created report, dashboard, or keyword list from the homepage or the navigation bar. 

How to use

When first logging into your Similarweb account, you’ll find the built-in checklist. 

Similarweb Onboarding

  1. Start with websites: Get an overview of the digital performance of a set of competitors in Traffic and Engagement.
  2. Uncover marketing sources: Analyze the breakdown of traffic sources in the Marketing Channels module.
  3. Discover keywords: Find keywords that drive traffic to competitors in Keywords.
  4. Track and share: Save valuable insights to dashboards to easily revisit, share, and export.

Once you’ve completed the checklist, your homepage will serve as your personal Similarweb homebase, where you can visit your most valuable customized assets, recently viewed reports and access your Dashboards and Keyword Lists

Now what?

Go check out the new Similarweb platform homepage

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